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OPISTHOBRANCH NEWSLETTER Volume 12, Number 3, Page & 


( Porif 
1 tbl . 

Sal tma 
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Shale , 
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541. [ 

of Be 
Fund y . 

22(3) : 

1 BERTSCH, HANS January 1, 1980. 
nc tatus ( Polyceratacea : Aegiretidae) Pr 
era : Calcarea). THE VELIGER, 22(3):222- 

r sh Pools 

thic Faun 

Minas Ba 
s. I-III. 

of Minas 
28 Opisth 

nthic Fa 

ix I. [4 

Collec t io 
onura in 

Y, J. 
, Mina 

1 , fig 
Y, J. 
a of V 
sin , N 
[ Acan 

S. ^ KAN 
s Basin , 
s . 1-10, 

acated ZJ^ 
ova Scot i 
t hodor is 

, SH 
r f ae 

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una i 
spp . m 
ns of 
figs . 
ermis , 

N E. C. , 
and Minas 
h species 

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ent ioned ] 



. SH 


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Scot ia 

. 1-2. 


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Sal tmar 
29 : 41 1 

[ 3 spp 
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Dendronotus f rondosus 



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uctive A 
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Spec ie 
L I N N E A 
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lif ornia 

. FOREN . , 

ebrates o 
. in- Mar 
& George 

21 figs. 

ici dor sa 

1 pi. 


n Boats F 
" in the 

di alcun 

s of Nudi 
a Rev isi 

N.B. , 
-19, f 
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D, GA 
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22( 1 ) : 

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anchs in Central 
1-2, tbls. 1-2. [ Acteocin 
Pleurobranchaea cal if or 


31 Decern 
igs . 1 -2 . 
y of th 
RY R. , 
Unpubl ish 

336 pp. 




1917. Th 
T H. , 19 
the Cont 

The Nudibranch Aegires 
eys on Leuc ilia nut t ingi 
224 , 1 pi . , 2 text figs . , 

YER 1979. Observations on 

-1977. PROC. N.S. INST. 


ON & J. CLIVE WAUGH 1980. 

L, Burrows in Blomidon 

NST. SCI., 30:55-63, fig. 

inary Checklist of Marine 
N.S. INST. SCI. , 29:517 - 

Y, 1979. Taxonomic Survey 

Is, Minas Basin, Bay of 

figs. 1-2, tbls. I-X, 

ENS January 1, 1980. Deep 
California. THE VELIGER, 
a intermedia , A g 1 a .1 a sp . , 
nica , Cadlina sp . & 

T H 

pi s 

, 1 
of C 

o 1 o g y of 
r , Jr . , P 

DO, 1891 

ber 1979. The Apl 

[13 spp . ; includ 

January 1 , 1 

e Nudibranch H^ 
22(3) : 252-258, f 

1977. A Review 

ed Masters The 

+ Appendix . 

The Mechanism of 

The Mechanism of 

e Pedal Locomotio 
OL. , 24 ( 1 ) : 139-14 
64 . Zoogeography 
inental Slope o 

964 . Zoogeograph 
alifornia and Con 
the Gulf of Cal 

L 'auto torn ia e 
) nella Tethys le 

ysiidae from the Red Sea. 
es key ] 

980. Habitat, Food and 
xabrachus sanguineus on 

igs. 1-4, tbls. 1-3. 

of the Nudibranchs of the 

sis", California State 

Locomotion in Gastropods. 
No. 22 1:155-170. 
Locomotion . in Gastropods. 

n of the Sea-hare Apl vsia 
5, 1 fig. 

and ecology... in the Gulf 
f Mexico. MEDDEL. DANSK 

y and Ecology of Macro - 
tinental Slope of Western 
ifornia. Ed. by H. Van 
. PETROL. GEOL. MEM 3:331 

la r igenerazione delle 
porina . ZOOL. ANZ., 14:3 

W.E., 1929. Narrative of an A 
itted for the Purpose, and Attac 
Year 1827 (Zoology von J.C. Ross 
, T.R., 1923. Sul transporte 
i invertebrati marini. ARCH. SC 
branchiate Molluscs from the Wes 
on of the Family Cuthonidae . ZO 

, 67:203-223, figs. 1-6, 
serpent inotus spp. nov . ] 


ttempt to Reach the North 
hed to his Majesty's Ship 
) . London, 1829 

dell'acido carbonico nel 
ER November 1979. Two New 
t Coast of North America, 
1-3. [ Cuthona cocoachroma 

(Last issue volume 12) 

Volume ,12, F-^'umber 4, Page 9 

Illustration at Right 

TriecijBsia pupillae (Baba, 196I) 

Drawing from Kikutaro Baba 

/—.._/ 3 

f^ 1 

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This is a continuation of the older citations not yet printed in either the ON or .Index 
Nudibranchia. Since many of these are incomplete I beg your assistance for figures, 
tables, plates, issue numbers, exact publication dates, and any other information you 
may have to complete these citations. 

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nebst einigen Bemerkungen zur Arbeit des Herrn St. Gaa'l. CENTRALBL. MIN. GEOL. 
PALAEONT. 1913, 

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d'apres les organes centraux de la respiration et de la circulation. C.R. ACAD. SCI. 
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151: - 

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OPISTBOBRANCH NEWSLETTER December 198O Volume 12, Number i|, Page 10 

and a new subspecies of Crassispira from Southwest Florida. NAUTILUS, 53(3):B0-8l. 

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dans leurs rapports zoologiques et ge'ologiques. 2. edit.. III. Paris 

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PhiladPlnhia (Conchol. Sect. Ac. Nat. Sci.). 

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10:491-509, pL 62. 

OPISTHOBRANCH NEWSLETTER December 1950 Voluine 12, Number ^, Fage li 

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Tectibranchs. .PROC. ACAD. NAT. SCI. PHILADELPHIA, 72:360-372. 

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superi ad littus portujnque Arimini. Venetiis, 

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ANAT„ 7(1) :93-234. pis. 7-12. 

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SchrSgstreifung. ZEITSCHR. WISS. ZOOL., 122: 

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8584 POLIMANTI, 0., 1912. Contributi alia fisiologia del movimento e sistema nervoso degli animali inferior!. V. 
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8594 POTTINGER, S.R., July 1951. Effect of Ascorbic Acid on Keeping Quality of Frozen Oysters. COMMERCIAL 
FISHERIES REVIEW, Separate no. 287, pp. 5-8, tbis. 1-3. [not an opisthobranch paper: color preservation] 

,8595 POTTS, G.W., May 1970. The Ecology of OncMdoris fiisca (Nudibranchia). JOURNAL OF THE M4RINE 
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HIST. (4) 3: 

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(3), 2: 

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nel Museo Zoologico d! Napoli. ANN. MUS. ZOOL. R. UNIV. MPOLI, (N.S.), 2: 

8603 PP£NANT, M, 1921. Sur la re'partition d'une peroxydase chezles Inverte'bre's. BLLL. SOC. ZOOL. FPJiNCE, 

OPISTHOBRANCH NEWSLETTER December 1980 Volume 12, Number 4, Page 12 


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the results of the Royal Society Expedition to Aldabra 1967-68"] 

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This completes listing of all opisthobranch citations known to me except those 
previously listed in Dr. Russell's "Index Nudibranchia". This listing started in 
October of 1971 (Volume III,. Number 10) and has taken almost ten years to complete! 
I hope that all of you find it to be useful^. Now that it is complete it will be * 
possible to refer to any publication by it's citation number. 

Complete copies of all volumes of the ON are available to anyone and sets are 
available in several major libraries around the world in addition to almost every 
opisthobranch worker's personal library. Please include citation numbers for all 
correspondence to be included in the ON. This practice will conserve space in the 
individual editions of the ON and allow me to keep the size and costs down. 

As space and time permits, I will continue to update index materials to allow 
easier use of the existing material. Any help which readers can provide will be 
greatly appreciated. One of the first projects should be a world list of all 
opisthobranch genera including the generic name, publication date, author, and ON 
citation number. A second project should be species lists for^all papers in a given 
category. The suggestion has been made that all of one author's papers should be ' 

indexed for species listed. 

Everything published in volume 12 and 13 is on my computer and can be reformatted 
and reprinted easily. The only problem is space for printing and this' may be handled 
with special supplements or combined issues. Please contact me if you have 
groupings of information available to be placed in the ON and see how we can go 
about printing them for everyone's use. 



David W. Behrens, 416 Lilac Drive, Los Osos, CA 93402. 

San Francisco Bay is one of the largest tidal estuaries on the Pacific coast of 
North America. Oceanic influence, although variable, depending on tidal state and 
tributary runoff is estimated to extend to at least, the shores of Richmond and 
Albany. The rocky intertidal areas of the western sides of Angel and Alcatraz 
Islands bear sticking similarities to the open coastal shores adjacent to the mouth 


December 1980 Volume 12, Numbers 4-12, Page 35 

of the bay. The southern reaches of the bay provide elevated salinities, while to the 
north, salinities drop rapidly with the influence of the Sacramento and San Joaquin 
Rivers . 

A series of publications report on the opisthobranch fauna of the estuary. This 
paper summarizes this literature. References are restricted to species occurring 
within the arbitrary limits of the bay: the Golden Gate Bridge. For species residing 
seaward of the estuary, see Gosliner and Williams (1970) and Bertsch, Gosliner, 
Wharton and Williams (1970). 

Of the 137 species reported from the northeastern Pacific (Behrens, I98O) only 38 
are known from San Francisco Bay proper. Table 1 presents a tabular breakdown of 
the number of species known from California; those whose range extends past, wheth 
to the north or south, the mouth of San Francisco Bay; and those known to occur 
within the estuary proper. Several additional undescribed species were excluded 
from this list, but will be discussed later. 



Table 1 ; Species Reported from California, and San Francisco Bay 
Number of species In C alif . Mouth of S.F. Bay I nside ba y 

Nud i br anchs 




All groups combined 125 

Note: Undescribed species excluded 









OPISTHOBRANCH NEWSLETTER December 198O Volume 12, Numbers M-12, Page 36 

The following is a summarization of the opisthobranch species reported from within 
the bay. Following each species name is the numeric designation of the author (s) 
making the report (see Literature Cited), accompanied by one or more alphabetic 
designations referring to the zone of the Bay (figure 1I from which the species has 
been recorded. The species names used follow Behrens (1980). Numerical 
designations 19 & 20 refer to personal communications with other workers (see 
Literature Cited). Locality designations following DVJB are unpublished observations 
of the author. 


Order Bullomorpha 
Family Acteonidae 

Rietaxis pumctocaelatos (Carpenter, 1864) -6A 
Fasilv Aglajidae 

Melaoochlamys diomedea (Bergh, 189^) -2B, DWB-2 
Order Aplysiomorpna 
Family Aplysiidae 

Aplysnta californica Cooper, I863 -8, 14B, I8C 
Order Sacoglossa 
Family Stiligeridae 

Alderia modesta (Loven, 1844) -1C 

Placida dendritica (Alder & Hancock, 1843) -10B, 14B, DWB-B&D 

Stiliger fusco¥ittatus Lance, 1962 -10B, 15B, 20B 
Family Elysiidae 

Elysia hedgpethi Marcus, 196I -14B, I6D, DWB-B 
Order Nudibranchia 
Suborder Doridacea 
Family Corambidae 

Doridella steiobergae (Lance, 1962) -9B, 10B 
Family Okeniidae 

Okenia angelensis Lance, 1966 -3B&D, 7 

Okemia plana Baba, I960 -4B, 5B. 6A, 10B, 17, 20B 

Ancula pacifica MacFarland, 1905 -11B 
Family Onchidorididae 

Acaethodoris nanaiiaoensis O'Donoghue, 1921 -13B, DWB-B 

Onchidoris bilamellata (Linnaeus, 1767) -20B 
Family Triophidae 

Triopha maculata MacFarland, 1905 -5A, 19C 
Family Polyceridae 

Polycera atra MacFarland, 1905 -5, 10B, 20B 

Polycera hedgpethi Marcus, 1964 -7, DWB-D 
Family Rostangidae 

Rostanga pulchra MacFarland, 1905 -16C, 20B 
Family Archiaorididae 

Archidoris montereyensis (Cooper, 1905) -6B, 13B&C, 19C, 20B 
Familj Discodorididae 

Anisodoris nobilis (MacFarland, 1905) -8B, -13B 

Diasilula sandiegensis (Cooper, 1862) -13C, 14B, I6C, 19C 
Suborder Dendronotacea 
Family Tritonidae 

Tntonia diomedea Bergh, 1894 -13B&C, 14B 
Family Dendronotidae 

Dendronotus frondosus (Ascanius, 1774) -13B, 20B 

DendroDotus iris Cooper, I863 -19C, 20B 
Family Dotidae 

Doto amyra Marcus, 1961 -20B 

Doto kya Marcus, I96I -20B 
Suborder Arminacea 
Family Arminidae 

Amaima californica (Cooper, 1862) -13B, 14B 
Family Dironidae 

Dirona albolineata Cockerell & Eliot, 1905 -14B 

Dirona picta MacFarland in Cockerell & Eliot, 1905 -10B, 13C, 14B, 19C 
Family Zephyrinidae 

AEntiopella barbarensis (Cooper, I863) -10B 
Suborder Aeolidacea 
Family Coryphellidae 

Coryptoella trilineata O'Donoghue, 1921 -19C, DWB-C&B 
Family Eubranchidae 

Cumaimotms beaumonti (Eliot, 1906) -20B 

Eubranchus raisakiensis Baba, 19dO -12B, I6D, 17, 20B 

Eubranchus rustyus (Marcus, 196I) -5A, 12B, 20B, DWB-D 
Family Cuthonidae 

Tenellia pallidas (Alder & Hancock, 1854) -3, 4B, 5, 6A, 17 

Cuthona albocrusta (MacFarland, 1966) -DWB-B&D 

Cuttoona flavovulta (MacFarland, 1966) -20B 
Family Phidianidae 

OPISTHOBRANCH NEWSLETTER December 198O Volume 12, Numbers i*-12, Page 37 

Hermissenda crassicornis (Eschscholtz, I83I) -6B, 10B, 13B&C, ^HB, I6B&C, 20B 
Family Aeolidiidae 

Aeolidia papillosa (Linnaeus, 1761) -13B&C, 19C 

The status of two additional species is unconfirmed. I observed one specimen of 
( ? ) Acantbodoris pilosa, 17mm in length, collected at Potrero Power Plant on May 10, 
1977. The specimen was preserved and distorted when examined and no radular 
confirmation was made. A specimen identified as Aeolidiella takanosimensis was 
observed from the same location during summer 1977- The animal was not retained and 
no confirmation was made. Carlton (in manuscript) addresses the apparent 
disappearance of this species from southern California since 1974, where this 
Japanese introduction was observed in large numbers in the late 1960's and 70's. 

Additionally, at least three new (undescribed or introduced species are known from 
the bay. Two belong to the genus Cuthona. One species (Cuthona #1) is greenish- 
brown with white specks over the body, the other (Cuthona #2) is quite variable in 
ceratal color from orange-pink-greenish-brown. The latter has an subapical band of 
orange on the rhinophores and cephalal tentacles. Cuthona if^ has been collected 
from Lake Merritt, Oakland and Palo Alto Yacht Harbor, Cuthona #2 from the Port of 
Redwood City. 

The third unknown species is a member of the family Favorinidae. Behrens and Tuel 
(1977) refer to this species as a color variation of Hermissenda crassicornis. 
Behrens (198O) contains color photographs of all three species, the Favorinid 
mislabeled as #153 Coryphella sp. 


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modesta (Loven, 1844) on the Central California coast. NAUTILUS, 69(1):22-28. 

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Aglaia in San Francisco Bay. VELIGER, 2(4):73-75. 

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6. DEDERIAN, SAMUEL L., 1966. A survey of benthic marine invertebrates along the San 
Francisco waterfront. M.S. Thesis, Univ. of San Francisco, 117p. 

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Opisthobranchia (Mollusca: Gastropoda) with the descriptions of two new species. 
VELIGER, 9(1):69-8l. 

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Dept. of Fish and Game. Resources Oper. No. 67-4:1-131. 

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VELIGER, 11(2):147. 

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Marin County, California. VELIGER, 13(2 ) :175-180. 

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Eolidacea) in San Francisco Bay. VELIGER, 14 (2 ):214-215. 

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Opisthobranchia). M.S. Thesis. San Francisco State Univ. 

16. BEHRENS, DAVID W. & MERRITT TUEL, 1977. Notes on the opisthobranch fauna of South 
San Francisco Bay. VELIGER, 20(1):33-36. 

17. CARLTON, JAMES T., 1977- Introduced invertebrates of San Francisco Bay, IN: San 
Francisco Bay: The urbanized estuary. 1979- Ed: T. John Conomos, Alan E. Leviton and 
Margaret Berson. 

18. WICKSTEN, MARY K., 1978. Checklist of marine mollusks at Coyote Point Park, San 
Francisco Bay, California. VELIGER, 21 ( 1 ) :127-130. 

19. LARSSON, BRITA, Ecological Analysts, Inc. (personal communication). 

20. JAECKLE, WILLIAM, Humboldt State University (personal communication). 


BEHRENS. DAVID W., I98O. Pacific Coast Nudibranchs: A guide to the opisthobranchs 
Df the Northeastern Pacific. Sea Challengers, Los Osos, California, 112 p. 

history and occurrence of opisthobranch gastropods from the open coast of San Mateo 
County, California. VELIGER, 14 ( 3 ) :302-314. 

CARLTON, JAMES T. (In manuscript) W.H.O.I., Woods Hole, Mass. 02543. 


December 1 980 


David W. Behrens 

Volume 1 2( U- 12 ) : 38 


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fication purposes. Along wi 
RDB and GCW have provided us 
fauna. - David W. Behrens 

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very fine review of 


This is the end of volume twelve. I am sorry that it had to 
take so long and hope that the results are worth waiting for. 
Best regards to all of you. 

St even J . Long 

OPISTH OBR A NCH NEWSLETTER Volume 15, Number 1, Page ^ 
January 198I 

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Chromodoris neona Marc 
Drawing from Eveline Marcus 



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